Interview Sien Vercruijsse | choreographer and back-up dancer



What’s your favorite wolves item? How does it fit your clothing style?
I think I’d have to say the red Coach Jacket has to be my favorite Wolves item, just because it has this fun pop of color which matches my personality quite well. The details and graphics on it are super dope and it’s just right up my alley, the perfect statement piece to finish off an outfit.


For how many years have you been dancing? What’s the reason you started dancing?
After admiring my older sister dancing, I started myself around the age of 5 and it was love at first sight really! At first obviously it was more of a hobby for me as I danced because of how much fun it was, but eventually a more fiery passion blossomed inside of me that I eventually couldn’t deny anymore; hence why I then decided to go for it and pursue it as a career wholeheartedly.


You’re a student at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, what was the reason that made you want to go there?
It was not until I was 17 that I actually considered taking my passion for dance further into a career path, but when I did I made sure I went for it with my full 1000%. After moving countries all my life, I ended up living and working as a professional dancer in Dubai for a couple of years; countless amazing jobs, shows, commercials and performances later, I could no longer deny that this is what I was made to do and adored so much. I wanted to remain disciplined and was looking for consistent training for the next few years so that I could become the strongest, all round dancer that I could be and the Contemporary Urban specialization program at Fontys allows me to work towards doing just that, hence why I picked the school.


What has been the greatest challenge(es) so far? 
Moving to the Netherlands on my own not knowing anything or anyone here was already such a huge challenge on its own, with so many mini-challenges within it all, I often felt like I really had to prove myself and get noticed. For me personally, one of my biggest battles has been with myself. As an ambitious dancer, it is so easy to seek for perfection rather than progress and to be too hard on yourself but once in a while we need to stop and look back at how much we have already achieved and grown. Being proud of the steps you are taking, the work you are putting in and learning not to devalue yourself along the way has probably been some of my greatest challenges. Nevertheless, as I have slowly settled into the community here I can truly say that I freaking love what I do and the fact that I get to share it with so many beautiful and inspiring people, so the challenges are always worth the growth that comes from them.


What advice would you give young dancers who are contemplating on getting a degree in dance? (what to look for in academies, what you will gain from it, other possible options).
The academic system is not for everyone, and each dancer/artist has their own path that is right for them. Academies often will give you structure, teach you discipline and can force you to explore styles, techniques and approaches you may never have on your own. I’d say that if you do want to get a degree, do thorough research into which academy is best for YOU, which one will teach you the skillset that you are looking for. Personally, having had training in so many different styles and the want to remain as all-round as I can, a dance academy did seem to be the best option for me. Besides all this though, as someone who has consciously chosen to go down the academic path but still actively does a lot of classes beside it, I do enjoy the benefits of both worlds I guess you could say.


We’ve seen your Instagram and have noticed you’ve done quite a few things already. Would you like to share anything about that?
I am really fortunate to have had a lot of really insane opportunities growing up dancing, that’s also something I will never take for granted. Not every 18 year old can slap big names like Shaggy and companies like NYX, Huawei, L’Oréal, Sketchers and so on onto their CV just like that. It’s crazy looking back at some of the performing moments I’ve had so far and it only makes me more excited for what’s to come really. Recently joining the CDK and all the beautiful projects I’ve done in Europe only set the tone for more amazing memories to be made, but I have so many people to thank for giving me these opportunities and having trust in me as a dancer. Besides that, teaching is also something I am so passionate about and the fact that I have been able to exchange and share my love for this art form with students a lot more recently has been amazing.


What advice would you give dancers who want to do more with dance?
Be bold, be fearless and remain true to yourself no matter what. There is room for all of us to be successful so know that supporting each other only spreads more love in our community. Do not hold back and do not fear failure or mistakes, progress and growth is born outside of your comfort zone so try to become comfortable being outside of what you already know and are good at. BUT most importantly, always remember why you started and why you dance, this is what will carry you through all the muscle pain and heartaches.